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About Us

The World Agricultural Heritage Forum is composed of the Honorary President, the Chairman, the Executive Board, the Partner Members Board, the Technical and Scientific Advisory Board, and the Board of Statutory Auditors.

The Technical and Scientific Advisory Board

The Technical and Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of scientists and technical experts in the field of social and natural sciences, academicians, development communications, and other expertise for the dynamic conservation and safeguarding of global and national heritage sites and systems.

  • The board consists of 10 member-experts with representation of each major discipline to assist in conservation with strong regional/country knowledge and extensive field experience.​
  • The Senior Advisory Board meets at least twice each year primarily through international teleconferencing, with the option of committee meetings scheduled on an ad-hoc basis.​
  • The Senior Advisory Board members support WAHF innovative projects and activities through their professional opinions, ideas, contacts, networks, experiences and recommendations.​

The Founding Members

Prof Stefano Grego


Dr. Mohammed Rouighi

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